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water damage njWater damage restoration involves restoring a house or building to its state before the damage occurred.  There are several steps that are involved in the complete process from start to finish.  This involves an initial assessment, drying and decontaminating the area along with monitoring as well as following up.  The water damage NJ company who is employed should follow the industry standards.

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Water Damage NJ Process

The evaluation is the most crucial step in the process.  There has to be a thorough evaluation that is correct so that the appropriate steps can be taken to resolve the issue in its entirety.  The professional technicians will understand the severity of the problem and respond accordingly.  An accurate estimate should follow the proper assessment.

There are different category levels that are in direct correspondence to the severity.  Category 1 will involve toilets, pipes, faucets, and sinks.  Category 2 will involve water that has some contaminants.  Category 3 is more severe in that water may cause harm to one’s health like sewage water.

Once the technicians figure out which category, the drying and decontamination begins.  Again, with the severity of the issue the technician will identify the correct category.  Level 1 is water damage that has been strictly confined to a small area of one room.  Level 2 involves one room and may involve the entire carpet area.  Level 3 involves a large area that has been saturated.  Level 4 involves a several rooms/areas and is the most severe.  Special equipment is used such as dehumidifiers, blowers, and scrubbers.  Decontamination is necessary if harmful contamination levels have been detected.

The process is only complete once the area has been monitored and tested to meet the industry standards.  The moisture content, humidity, and temperature must be at normal levels.  It is strongly advised that you use a professional company in NJ to help clean up severe water damage.